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Hey, I’m Jammarrae! I can help you change the habits and mindsets that are keeping you from living a joy-filled life.

My Story

Hey there! I’m so excited to share my journey to coaching with you! To start off, I’m a mom of two and I have also worked in the health care field for over 25 years. I’m a fellow ADHDer. As a woman, I too have experienced the ups and downs that around 85% of Americans have had with maintaining a healthy weight and juggling home and work life trying to hold on to what I thought my happiness came from. In my early years, I had to work really hard at keeping, what I called a “good weight” in comparison to my peers. Then after having my children and navigating the juggles of life, I found it even more challenging to get the weight off. I did not have the best examples of what healthy was, outside of what the newest infomercial showed it to be.  So of course, I tried all of the different fad diets available at the time, even reducing my caloric intake to an unhealthy amount to try and get some type of result. With each attempt, I gained a little knowledge but still did not get sustainable results.  Mentally I found myself being extremely unhappy on the inside while wearing a smile on the outside, so others would not notice. I had no confidence, and my thoughts about myself were always negative.  I never felt like I was enough in various areas of my life. I  always seemed to have to work harder to accomplish goals in comparison to my peers. I knew I needed to make a change so I could be the best mom I could be to my children and the best human to myself.  I wanted my children to see what it looks like to persevere and live both a healthy and happy life.

After I evaluated what I was doing in comparison to other people successfully living a healthy and happy life, I found I was lacking the right systems and support to help me have sustainable results. I share this to show you that I have been where you might be and understand the value of having the right support that allows for a joyful life. Along with the support of a coach, I also participated in trainings, and read books, courses, etc. I was able to develop habits that improved how I was living my life, without the pressure of feeling defeated. I was able to find the pockets of joy in my days and really be happy with who I saw in the mirror and appreciate every part of what makes me me. I decided to become a certified health and life coach to help others who may be struggling find joy in their process and not wait to live happily on their way to healthy and whole. It would be my honor to support you in your journey.

My Values & Beliefs


I provide services that are always in alignment with my mission of doing what is right for all clients.


I believe in providing each client with the same respect I would want to receive when providing services and never be unprofessional in the way I run my business. 


As your coach, I am committed to maintaining your trust and would never operate out of integrity and fairness.  

My Approach

As a coach, I help clients build healthy habits that align with how they want to feel every day. I do this by stretching them to see their life from a clearer lens while providing support as they embrace a lifestyle that will support it.

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