hey there! I’m Jammarrae

 Lifestyle & Wellness Coach

Helping You Change The Mindsets & Habits That’s Keeping You From Living Your Sweetest Life Now!

Lifestyle Coaching

I help clients break through the road blocks that are keeping them from living the life they desire. Helping them discover the joy in there everyday lives.

Wellness Coaching

I help clients build healthy habits that align with how they want to feel every day.  I do this by stretching them to see their life from a clearer lens, while providing support as they embrace the lifestyle that will support it.

Goal Setting


Stress Management

Life Organization

Helping You Live Happily

 Your Wellbeing Matters

Take your life from good to great, with sustainable habits that allow you to live happily and healthy. I’m here to help!  

Are you stressed daily?

Are you having trouble achieving your goals?

Is your body telling you it time for a change?

Are you lacking energy?

Are you struggling to find a rhythm in your life

What Is Life Coaching?


A vehicle for habit change


A method to improve your relationships
A way to determine obstacles blocking your success



An accountability system for both professional and personal growth
A life manager

About Me

As a coach, I help clients incorporate habits that align with how they want to live and feel every day.  

Happy Clients Testimonials

“Working with Jammarrae allow me to work through issues I had personal and professional. Through guidance and weekly chats in conjunction with homework assignments, it allowed me the opportunity to get to the root of the issue and put tools in place to either fix or improve them. She was very easy to talk to and responsive when I had questions.”

Michelle Marshall

Director, Digital Marketing

“Jam (Jammarrae) is such a caring and empathetic coach. She shares from experience and a wealth of knowledge of holistic health. I was struggling to get my life and health together after the sudden death of a loved one and she listened to me and coached me through putting things in place week by week. Jam is consistent, transparent, encouraging and inspirational.”

Summer Woods


Next Up "YOU"

Online Coaching Resources

eBooks & Guides

Easily implementable training’s to help you live happy and healthy. 

Key Goal Setting Tactics & Accountability

Resources and tips to help you track and achieve your life goals successful,

Life Reset Courses

Courses and Training to assist you in implementing life-changing habits, shift mindsets and incorporate movement to live joyously every day.

Live a life full of joy, ambition, motivation, and movement.

Change your life, by changing what you do daily. As your coach and accountability partner, I meet you where you are to help you achieve your goals and live happily.